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Aces Migration Services

The choice that you make for your cloud storage needs is actually very important. It’s the difference between spending a lot more or a lot less, year after year. This one choice can make a huge difference in your annual technical and production budgets. And as your data and content grows every year, that difference will grow as well.

As your expert storage partner, we help you move to more cost effective cloud storage at a fraction of your current budget. With our software transfer solution that absorbs your current cloud storage egress costs, we make the decision easy.

Our Migration Process

Discovery Call
On a 20 minute discovery call we want to learn about your current overall storage environment, various requirements and future plans. We will be able to answer any questions and set expectations on our process and your migration project.
Following the discovery call, our team will assess the project’s variables and provide a cost effective solution within 24 hours.
Proposal w/ Options
We will deliver a proposal with a minimum of 2 options, highlighting our #1 suggestion. We will provide considerations for all options including cost savings, cloud provider details and a time-frame for completing the migration.
The planning is simple. Once you choose your best option, we connect on a call to establish expectations on exactly what is required to complete the project. The amazing news is that very little work is required and we can begin and conquer the migration without disrupting any of your current work.
Migration Execution
After you approve your planning schedule, we work with you to make sure all systems settings are in place and prepare to take action per the schedule. We monitor progress, provide progress reports and successfully complete the migration as quickly as possible.

66TBs From S3 to Wasabi for BackUps

“We wanted to offload 66TBs of video files from S3 to Wasabi because we didn’t need it within our production environment any longer. With Aces we were able to get everything transferred within a week. It was the only service that we could find that could actually do this without using our resources or time.”

VP of Production


2 Million Audio Files copied from S3 to Azure

“Making sure we had a copy of our content in a separate location was critical. The Aces team was able to move the 2 Million files faster than we expected. Now we don’t worry about redundancy and it’s plenty affordable.”

IT Manager

CBS Corp

Aces Services

Hybrid Infrastructure

With decades of experience designing and supporting hardware, software and cloud technical infrastructures, we pride ourselves on delivering the most cost efficient solutions for your requirements. We provide top level customer service and build trust while delivering the best technical expertise for your business needs.

C2C Migrations

Many businesses are realizing that they would be better off if they could move their content from one cloud storage provider to another. There aren’t many solutions in executing this process. We make the decisions, process and management of the migration easy for your business. We will get the job done more efficiently and securely than any other service provider. Period.

AWS & Azure Experts

We pride ourselves on being experts with managing AWS & Azure infrastructures. Our team collectively has decades of experience with architecting solutions and managing AWS and Azure cloud projects and accounts. We keep current on all new services and focus on how to deliver the most cost effective designs for your daily and long term requirements.

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